Why Is Your WordPress Blog Slow? Make It Load Faster

Why Is My WordPress Blog Slow?

The main reason why your wordpress blog is loading so slow, is because your blog page which contains all your wordpress blog posts is your homepage and your homepage is your number one landing page. A wordpress blog loads very slow when your homepage is loading all your posts with photo’s and text which increases your homepage size. A wordpress blog shouldn’t have it’s homepage loading all the post, rather a static page as the homepage with a short introductory with a gripping piece of writing and two or three attractive seo images if you wish.

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What Makes My WordPress Blog So Slow

Why Is My WordPress Blog So Slow

A few factors that may affect your wordpress blog page load time is your wordpress plugins, premium themes for wordpress, large size images (kb) and the way you construct your blog. Another reason why your blog is loading so slow is your wordpress blog homepage which many webmasters choose as their actual website’s homepage. WordPress themes without a built in mobile feature will also affect your website page load time and also, if the theme does not comprise with the latest wordpress theme standards.

How To Make My WordPress Blog Website Load Faster

The best place to start when your wordpress blog is loading slow is learning the facts of on-Page SEO. Creating a static page for your blog will decrease your wordpress blog page load time by quite a few seconds. While reconstructing your wordpress blog take into consideration the theme you’re using, using a responsive theme with built-in mobile device features will benefit your blog page load time dramatically. I usually recommend the free wordpress twenty twelve theme which will increase your website pagerank as well as your mozrank. Limiting the amount of links per page will also make your wordpress blog load much faster and as well as the wordpress plugins installed in your blog may also act as an external link so choose wordpress plugins very carefully. The best SEO tip I can share, is to not include main menu links twice on all pages, rather add a related wordpress article which will increase your wordpress blog reader or user experience.

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