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How To Write SEO Meta Descriptions

How To Write SEO Meta Descriptions

The best way how to write meta description tags are to write good content relevant to your page headings and title tags. Meta descriptions are designed to summarize the content of a page in a way that makes it even easier for users to understand what the page is all about. Webmasters use the meta description editor or page description which can be edited by a SEO wordpress theme or wordpress SEO plugin. When writing you meta description for a page or blog post please note that each meta description must be unique on all pages and posts. It is important to write an attractive meta description to gain more clicks from the search engine results (SERP’s). The meta description chosen for a given page or post needs to be relevant to the title tags to increase your website search engine visibility including the click-through rate.

seo meta description

SEO Meta Description Tags

The important factors on meta description tags is to avoid duplicate meta descriptions and keep it unique on each page as well as to keeping the description of your meta tag between 150 – 160 characters reason for this is search engines tend to cut off the rest of your description. I suggest a keyword meta tag writing concept with relevance to title tags and, why your company, service or product is the best choice to basically make your meta description attractice. The importance of you page’s title tag should be your best SEO tag. When writing a title tag for search engine optimization what do we really think of? Which page title would you click on, for example : How to write SEO meta descriptions and titles or 7 ways to write better SEO meta tags and titles.

Title Tags For Meta Tag Optimization

Title tags are technically called title elements, which defines the topic and title of the website page or online document and are required for all HTML/XHTML documents. Title tags are one of the most important on-page SEO factors or element. The page title of a web page is to be precise, accurate and relevant to the page description or page content. Summarize your page to best describe the entire page content and focus on the main keywords and synonyms relevant to your web page title tag and relevant to your page URL.

seo meta tag optimization

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Title Tag SEO Identify Meta Tags

Title Tag SEO

SEO title tags is like the identification of a web document, it defines or describes the page content and identifies the meta tag or meta element of a web page which appeares in the search engine result pages. Learning how to write a title tag for search engine optimization, it’s more like when you have a passport (web page identity) and the web page is passing through (crawling) search engines daily, you need to show your passport all the time (page title tag), in more simpler terms, optimizing the meta tag keywords. Are title tags irrelevant to the content of a web page? Dude! You must be crazy! Simple example, the title of this story is like the main anchor text of an html link, wordpress SEO webmaster shows us how to write SEO titles and the meta elements or meta description reads, The webmaster called SEO, shows off his work on google, tagging the coolest titles. Let’s see if you were a webmaster and looking for web traffic, stop using SEO as an excuse and kill off the hunk-a-junk you waste your web space with. If the actual metadata does not describe or summarize a given web page title considering relevant content, you definitely going to be searching for your own so-called SEO title tag.

Title Tag SEO Meta Optimization

How To Write SEO Title Tags

How to write a good title tag for SEO, is to infer your own complete review and basically define the content of the web page. My definition of meta tag optimization is, search engines are using a different and diverse approach to keywords, which controls the websites ranking number one using keywords as spam without good page content. To give you a more detailed and comprehensive coverage of writing a good title tag with a minimal keyword contribution is, writing good content which is actually linkable to other website with relevant content as well as logical content which make sense. When choosing a title for your web page be sure to actually read what you wrote about and then choose a title, don’t choose a title and then decide to write a whole lot of “nothing” which you don’t understand and expect someone else to.

SEO Title Tag

SEO Page Title Tags

The most important is your page URL considering you have all your eggs in one basket when it comes to the complete SEO (search engine optimization) with regards to the page title, meta description and page content. To go for complete SEO of a web page, always check if your keywords in your title tag are relevant or synonym’s of the page URL. Synonyms are used in search engines, so if the words are different but have the same meaning and “can be used in the particular phrase” and you’re happy, by all means. Writing good content which is relative to all page content considering your it is relevant to the page title, the your basic on-page SEO is good for the web. Remember the important factor of a SEO title tag which identifies the complete content of a web page.

Title Tags

What’s it going to take to become “the king of wordpress-web-seo-titles” ? It’s like defending a title tag for my “Google #1 Ranking” wordpress SEO title tag championship.

What Is A Title Tag?

SEO Title Tag Define Meta Element

A title tag is the most important text at the top of a page, containing keywords relevant to the page content. Take title attribute for instance, a web definition of a title attribute is : “supplementary information about a specific element”. Each page, post or custom post created should have a unique page title, page headings and page descriptions as well as post title tags, meta description tags and more. Check the list below :

  • How long should my page SEO title be? – A search engine can display a page title of up to 70 characters in length.
  • How long should my page headings be? – A search engine could also display a page heading as your page title to fit the snippet or meta description tags.
  • How long should my meta description be? – A meta description is usually best to be kept under 140 characters, with relevance to all the page content. [choose pieces of all content]
  • Is my URL SEO Friendly? – Well using “dumb.moc/page id=” is not an option! SEO friendly URL’s are better written with the keyword tags such as “smart-url-seo-titles-learn-seo-friendly-url

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Is SEO Ultimate The Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

SEO Ultimate – The WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin

SEO Ultimate is a popular SEO plugin for professional wordpress websites or wordpress blogs to help your website rank number 1 on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Search Engine Optimization is an internet term for influencing or rather increasing the popularity of your website’s main page or sub-pages in search engine results. This wordpress SEO plugin is used by a number of SEO’s, approximately 970,000 wordpress SEO’s. The plugin allows you to create the perfect optimized wordpress website or wordpress blog, using your own knowledge and SEO expertise. In my previous appraisal to the plugin, might have been superfluous, failing to mention there are many SEO plugins for wordpress designed by top developers. The reason I neglected to mention this is, well, simply due to disparity. Wanna know why? Well, some of these all-in-one SEO plugins, works like a pagerank or mozRank bar, sometimes webmasters become so obsessed with those little bars they’re “focusing more on SEO and the bar than actual good page content” quoted by google engineer Matt Cutts the head of webspam at google.

ultimate wordpress seo plugin

WordPress SEO Ultimate Plugin Features

The name says it all, which practically means Search Engine Optimization Design Solutions. The web base company designed and created an all-in-one SEO plugin for wordpress blogs to take control of their on-page SEO.. whoo scary, Lol. SEO Ultimate features a range of modules which includes a few of the listings with detailed explanations below, which I suggest is best to use.

  • SEO Ultimate plugin title tag rewriter feature –
    • Out-of-the-box functionality puts your post titles at the beginning of the tag for improved keyword SEO.
    • Easily override the entire tag contents for any individual post, page, attachment, category, post tag, or post format archive on your blog. Also supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.
    • Customize your homepage’s title tag.
    • Format the tags of posts, pages, categories, tags, archives, search results, and more!
    • Choose between two rewrite methods: “output buffering” or “filtering”
  • SEO Ultimate plugin meta description editor feature –
    • Edit the description tags for posts, pages, attachments, categories, tags, post format archives, and the homepage.
    • Increase SERP click through rates by influencing search engine result snippets.
    • Mass-editor makes it a cinch to go back and add descriptions to old posts.
    • Use the {excerpt::autogen} variable to auto-generate meta descriptions if desired.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin meta robot tags editor feature –
    • Add the tag to archives, comment feeds, the login page, and more.
    • Set meta robots tags (index/noindex and follow/nofollow) for each individual post, page, category, tag, and post type archive on your blog. Also supports custom post types and custom taxonomies.
    • Avoid duplicate content SEO issues with the recommended noindex settings (see built-in module documentation for details).
    • Give instructions to search engine spiders if desired (noodp, noydir, and noarchive).
  • SEO Ultimate plugin deeplink juggernaut feature –
    • Use the power of anchor text to boost your internal ranking SEO paradigm.
    • Searches your site’s content for anchor texts you specify and automatically links them to a destination of your choosing. Lets you easily build internal links to URLs, posts, pages, attachments, custom post type items, categories, terms, post format archives, and custom taxonomy term archives.
    • Customize footer links for your entire site and/or on a page-by-page basis.
    • Easily select autolink destinations using autocomplete textboxes that scour your site’s content and taxonomy terms to find the link destination you’re looking for.
    • Autolinks point to the objects themselves, not to their URLs, so if you change the URL of a post or category on your site, the autolinks automatically adjust.
    • Avoid over-optimization penalties by controlling the maximum number of autolinks added to each post/page, the maximum number of times an anchor is linked per post/page, and/or the maximum number of times a post/page can link to the same destination.
    • Decide how many times each anchor is linked across your entire site, on a per-link or global basis.
    • Choose whether or not posts can link to themselves and/or to the current URL with a few simple checkboxes.
    • Apply the nofollow attribute on a per-link basis. (Perfect for automatic affiliate links.)
    • Exclude specific posts/pages from having links added to them, if desired (e.g. contact pages, the homepage, etc.).
    • Import/export your links as CSV files.
    • Create links pointing to draft posts that will auto-enable when the post is published!
    • Build internal links to your posts from within the WordPress post editor! Use “Instant Post Propulsion” technology to automatically link your old posts to new ones.
    • Lets you enable “Silo Linking” mode so that posts only link to other posts in the same category.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin 404 monitor feature –
    • Improve the visiting experience of users and spiders by keeping tabs on “page not found” errors. (Use a redirection plugin to point dead-end URLs to your content.)
    • Find out what URLs are referring visitors to 404 errors.
    • The default settings hone in on the most important errors by only logging 404s that either have a referring URL or are generated by a search engine spider.
    • If desired, ignore 404s generated from specific URLs or wildcard URL patterns.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin linkbox inserter feature –
    • Encourage natural link building activity by adding textboxes to the end of your posts/pages that contain automatically-generated link HTML.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin slug optimizer feature –
    • Increase in-URL keyword potency by removing “filler words” (like “the,” “with,” “and,” etc.) from post/page URLs.
    • Lets you customize the “filler words” list as desired.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin code inserter feature-
    • Easily insert custom HTML into your site’s tag, footer, or item content.
    • Use to add Google Analytics, Feedburner FeedFlare, Google AdSense section targeting, and other SEO/SEM-enhancing code snippets.
    • Code remains even when switching themes.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin rich snippet creator feature –
    • Easily add rich snippet code for reviews and places.
    • Attract more search traffic with eye-catching supplementary SERP data.
    • Supports the new format used by Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin sharing facilitator feature –
    • Adds buttons that make it easy for visitors to share your content on social networking sites (thus building links to your site).
    • Choose from either the ShareThis or the AddThis button.
    • Unlike the official ShareThis plugin, SEO Ultimate doesn’t require you to register at the ShareThis website before enabling the button — just enable and go.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin webmaster verification assistant feature –
    • Enter verification codes in the provided fields to access search engine webmaster tools.
  • SEO Ultimate add-on widgets feature –
    • Lets you output your Deeplink Juggernaut Footer Links in a widget.
    • The Siloed Categories widget makes it drag-and-drop-easy to construct siloed navigation on your site.
  • SEO Ultimate plugin author highlighter feature –
    • Generates code so that when one of your site’s posts appears in Google search results, the Google+ profile picture of the post’s author will appear alongside it.
    • Includes support for both single-author and multi-author site setups.
    • Supports author highlighting for posts, pages, attachments, custom post types, the homepage, archive pages, and author pages.
    • Inserts a “Google+ Profile URL” field on the WordPress user profile editor, so that users can insert their Google+ URL and enable author highlighting on their posts.

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