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The journey of wordpress with clayton casimali website design, wordpress blogs, search engine optimization how to, webmaster help tips and learning the trends of google as well as google webmaster help.Clayton Casimali, The wordpress website seo webmaster of this wordpress blog. The internet, vast and versatile, changing day by day with impressive advanced functions hard for website designers, wp bloggers, search engine optimization webmasters, keeping up to date with the latest trends.

Read More About Ranking On Google and Why We Offer WordPress Website SEO

Starting a free wordpress blog is quite easy! It’s not always easy to focus on your company and running your website at the same time. Designing a website may seem easy, but learning how to rank number one on google may not be as easy. Employing a SEO company to improve your website’s ranking for number one in search engine results from major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing for your website to rank highly with keywords, can prove to be quite costly.

How Website Keywords Work and How Important They’re To Google

Website keywords are those words which search engine users type in to find whatever they’re looking for. To give you a quick example, say for instance if you were selling “Dell Laptops in Cape Town” , then it would be good for your website to rank #1 on google for “Dell laptops in Cape Town” and well very wealthy for your business.

What WordPress Web SEO Can Do For You To Rank #1 On Google

Well, enough about saving you a little money, how about saving yourself money worth an every month holiday trip or even a business trip to increase sales. From the WordPress Website SEO, what we can more than “basically” do for you than just design a website or a professional wordpress blog. Did you know we can design a professional wordpress blog and a professional wordpress business website with, a smart blog page with articles about business deals or product reviews, ratings and product details. We can also design websites for photographers with portfolio and magazine portfolio website designs. We can design any wordpress based website which includes SEO – search engine optimization with no extra costs and will allow your website to rank high on search engines globally, in a particular country or the capital where your business is located. Our offers include regular blog or website updates based on agreed terms.

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